Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a boat directly from Phantom?

Yes, buying factory direct is always a good option here at Phantom.

Can we build custom boats?

Building custom boats is the best option in our opinion. Every customer deserves to have a boat constructed to meet their specific needs. We take pride in our craftsmanship and that is passed along to each consumer to obtain optimal satisfaction.

What are the different size boats and what size should I order?

Phantom Jet Boats start at 18’ and have gone up to 28’. The most popular size is the 21’. It is highly maneuverable and easy to load on a trailer. You should consider buying a boat slightly larger than what you think you may need.

What kind of Bedliner do you use?

We use Scorpion Bedliner because it is a durable, versatile, and customizable product with a non-skid surface. It also retains its structure through all temperatures.

How does weight distribution affect performance?

To maintain safety and performance, the weight should be evenly distributed throughout the boat.

How will salt water affect my boat?

Phantom Jet Boats are constructed from corrosion resistant marine grade alloy. It is recommended that you wash the boat and flush the engine after running in salt water. This will help maintain the longevity of your boat.

What is the benefit to having bottom protection?

Phantom Jet Boats hull mitigation systems are designed to provide a strong level of protection for your hull in the event you encounter rocks, logs, stumps, gravel, sandbars and other unfriendly obstructions. These systems exist to prevent or reduce the damage to the aluminum hull.