Below is a list of just some of the more popular options we offer. This list is not all inclusive. In fact many of our customers request custom additions and modifications to their boat.

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Interior Bedliner

For the highest level or durability, our interior bedliner application is a must. Made of the same type of material as some truck bedliners, this coating is resistant to both acids and bases. It can withstand any temperature that you’re willing to subject it to. It also has excellent color retention and UV stability. Available in a variety of colors.

Interior & Exterior Paint

This option combines the interior bedliner application with a snazzy exterior paint job. This popular choice gives your boat the look you want with the matching durability on the inside. Stand out from the rest with this option. Any color you can dream up we can make it a reality.

Blamo Camo

The great outdoorsman, the Blamo Camo paint job provides you with camouflage for hiding in the tall grass. Whether sneaking up on some big game or bow fishing, Blamo Camo will get you that much closer.

Full Blamo Camo

This is a must if you are a duck hunter. Full Blamo Camo applies the same highly effective camouflage design to both the interior and exterior of your boat. This is perfect for hunters looking to hide inside their boat while calling in the ducks.

Rod Locker

A simple and clean way to keep your boat clutter free and your fishing rods safe and dry. Each rod locker is built specifically to accomodate the layout of the boat along with the needs and wants of you, the customer. Whether you want to store 1 or 10 rods, we’ll make it work.

Gallon Fuel Tank Upgrade

Go farther and stay out longer with the 40 gallon tank upgrade. A must for those over night trips up the Snake River or an all day session back and forth on the lake tubing and skiing. The 40 gallon tank upgrade allows you to enjoy your new boat longer.

Trolling Motor Fuel Connection

The convenience factor of the trolling motor fuel connection option is easy to understand. No cords to tubing to trip over. No secondary tank to keep refilling. Just hook it up and go.

1/4″ Hull Bottom Upgrade

Extra protection for those that plan on running shallow waters more frequently where you know the chance of hitting rocks is much higher. The strength and integrity of the hull must be maintained to get you back home.


This application protects the keel of your boat which most often makes the first contact with the bottom. The UHMW plastic slides much better than aluminum, which limits the damage done to your keel not if, but when you hit something.

Maniac Bottom

After about 10 MPH the only part of the boat making contact with the water is covered in UHMW plastic. A great way to protect your hull if you are ‘on plane’.


This is a must have upgrade for the true outdoorsman that likes to run shallow water. If this product is good enough to put on HUM V’s protecting our troops in Iraq, imagine what it can do for the bottom of your boat.

Bow Storage

Keeping your gear safe, dry and most of all, out of the way. This is a necessity for anyone that plans to use their boat!

Removable Seat

Additional seating for your friends, family, fishing buddies…whoever. We’ll place it where you want it. Order as many as you like.

Bow Winch

There is so many uses for this thing. Where to even begin? Need a tow? Did you get stuck on a sandbar and need a hand getting off? Then this is your guy. Best if used in conjunction with the Wheel Kit (see below).

Stern Rails

Good looking and functional. Use your stern rails to hold your fishing poles or secure some extra cargo. Sturdy and functional.

Suspension Seat

Jet boating can be a bumpy ride sometimes. Add a little glide to that ride with a suspension seat or two. You’ll be glad you did.

Deluxe Canvas

You buy a boat to enjoy your time on the water. Make sure you get to enjoy your time on the water even when the weather isn’t so enjoyable. Stay warm and dry with the Deluxe Canvas option.

Wheel Kit

Really stuck? I mean REALLY STUCK? The Wheel Kit is your savior. Drop the jack. Raise the stern. Insert the wheels. Winch yourself to deeper water. It really is that simple.